Should You Stay in Your Home During Restoration?

Published on October 25, 2023

When disaster strikes, and your home is in need of restoration due to water damage, fire, or other unforeseen circumstances, a common question arises: Can I stay in my home during restoration? The answer to this question isn't a one-size-fits-all solution and largely depends on the extent and type of damage your home has endured.

In most cases, it's best to find temporary accommodations during the restoration process, especially if the damage is extensive.

Here's why:

1. Safety First: Safety should be your top priority. Restoration work can involve various hazards, from exposed electrical wires to structural instability. Living in a home undergoing repairs can put you and your family at risk.

2. Health Concerns: Water damage, for example, can lead to mold growth. Mold spores can cause a range of health issues, from allergies to respiratory problems. Professionals need to thoroughly assess and remediate mold, which may require you to leave temporarily.

3. Noise and Disruption: Restoration projects can be noisy, disruptive, and messy. Heavy machinery, tools, and construction work can create an uncomfortable living environment. It's challenging to go about your daily activities under such conditions.

4. Limited Access: Restoration professionals need full access to the affected areas. Your presence can slow down the restoration process and make it harder for them to do their job effectively.

5. Insurance Implications: Staying in your home during restoration might affect your insurance coverage. Some policies require you to mitigate further damage, which might mean temporarily relocating.

While minor repairs or cosmetic work may allow you to stay in your home, extensive restoration projects are generally best tackled when the property is unoccupied. Always consult with your restoration professionals and your insurance provider to determine the best course of action. Your safety, well-being, and the efficiency of the restoration process should guide your decision, ensuring that your home is restored to its former glory as swiftly and safely as possible.

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