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“I had backed up water from my ac that damaged my ceiling. The tech came out within the hour and told me exactly what problems there were. He was clear, concise, and incredibly informative about my problem. We need more technicians like this. Thanks.”

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Corey Hunter Avatar
Corey Hunter
We wish to convey our gratitude to Jesus and the BIONIC team for helping us navigate a challenging circumstance. When a pipe burst in our living room, we were worried about how much the repairs would cost. However, we were able to return our home to its pre-damage state because of BIONIC's prompt response and expert support. - 7/06/2024
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Henry Lindsey Avatar
Henry Lindsey
When our air conditioner unit failed and our den flooded, BIONIC saved the day. Tony and Tristan evaluated the situation quickly and began to work right away. They took the time to thoroughly explain each stage of the procedure and were both efficient and patient. Our home feels and looks better than it did before, all because of their hard work. - 6/30/2024
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Jane L. Hearne Avatar
Jane L. Hearne
Jerry Anderson did a great jib drying out my water damage. He was very professional and a pleasure to work with. - 6/30/2024
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Della Meyer Avatar
Della Meyer
I am really grateful to Tristan and his colleagues for their excellent water damage restoration services that I recently hired. Their efforts were just amazing! Their professionalism and quick responsiveness were impressive. They worked quickly and well to restore everything. I was really pleased with Tristan's painstaking attention to detail and commitment to making sure everything was ideal. - 6/16/2024
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Louis Stull Avatar
Louis Stull
We recently experienced a serious problem with a leaky water heater, which left our home severely damaged by water. Tony kindly stepped in and helped us out tremendously by carefully recording the damaged areas for our insurance claim. He showed us how to handle every step of the restoration process and was very committed to getting our house back to how it was as soon as possible. His experience was a real asset in getting the matter resolved. We sincerely appreciate his priceless assistance. - 6/07/2024
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Julie Collins Avatar
Julie Collins
Despite the fact that a fire destroyed our house, Tristan and Tony from this company were true heroes. They not only fixed our house, but they also gave us great assistance through a trying time. Their steadfast dedication to their work and their understanding of our predicament had a profound impact. - 6/06/2024
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Helene Blackman Avatar
Helene Blackman
Our contact with Bionic Services has been excellent! Jerry Anderson, our supervisor, has been on top of the project from the very beginning. We appreciate his constant communication as we proceed through the process. Based on our experience, we would definitely recommend Bionic Restoration Services. - 6/02/2024
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ourfulltube Avatar
Mr. Tony Saiz is well known & Knowledgeable - 5/19/2024
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Mary Morrison Avatar
Mary Morrison
Andre and the Bionic were professional and efficient in detecting a plumbing leak and mitigating damage by placing drying fans and dehumidifiers. - 5/11/2024
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Sandra M. Lebel Avatar
Sandra M. Lebel
We were really scared when our kitchen caught fire, but Tony and Conner from this restoration firm were there to support us through it all. They supported us throughout the entire restoration procedure. A difficult moment was somewhat lessened by their extreme caution and genuine concern for our well-being. I really appreciated their assistance! - 4/13/2024
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Kristen Marcucci Avatar
Kristen Marcucci
Andre and his colleagues from BIONIC came in to aid after a storm damaged our living room floor by delivering a tree branch through the roof. They put in endless effort to remove the trash, fix the drywall, and bring the space back to its pre-damage state. We give them an A+ because of their extraordinary attention to detail and commitment to quality. - 4/12/2024
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Angel Serafin Barrera Alvear Avatar
Angel Serafin Barrera Alvear
We wish to convey our gratitude to Jesus and the BIONIC team for helping us navigate a challenging circumstance. When a pipe burst in our living room, we were worried about how much the repairs would cost. However, we were able to return our home to its pre-damage state because of BIONIC's prompt response and expert support. - 4/09/2024
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Ashley sumrall Avatar
Ashley sumrall
Waking up to a flooded living room was a devastating experience for us. However, thanks to Jesus and his team at BIONIC, we were able to overcome this ordeal swiftly. Their prompt response, professionalism, and attentiveness made all the difference. From promptly removing the water to meticulously drying our belongings, they executed their tasks with precision and care. We are thrilled with the outcome and deeply satisfied with the service they provided. - 4/06/2024
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Michele Solis Avatar
Michele Solis
Best customer service ever given by any company! Exceptional service. Very knowledgeable and helpful. Tony Saiz did an outstanding job taking full care of our flooding due to a broken water pipe in our bathroom. He got here quickly, very reasonably priced, he came back every day for 5 days to check on the drying process. He gave us contacts for carpet replacement and additional plumbing. Very personable. Very conscientious. Turned a nightmare into a problem solved in no time at all. HIGHLY RECOMMEND BIONIC, they actually care about all their customers needs. - 3/30/2024
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Mary Peterson Avatar
Mary Peterson
Andre exceeded my expectations with his fire damage restoration services. His attention to detail and timeliness in restoring my house after the fire were quite impressive. - 3/30/2024
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Jim H Avatar
Jim H
Well done - 3/30/2024
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Janet J. Schweitzer Avatar
Janet J. Schweitzer
Waking up to a flooded living room was terrifying, but BIONIC, led by Jesus, provided swift assistance. Their efficient work, support, and help with insurance made the restoration process seamless, leaving me completely satisfied. - 3/30/2024
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Bob Darin Avatar
Bob Darin
When I discovered flooding in my home due to an appliance leak, Tristan's prompt response was a lifesaver. He swiftly initiated water extraction and outlined a clear plan for repairs, all while maintaining a calm and professional demeanor that eased my stress. - 3/16/2024
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Austin Ashcroft Avatar
Austin Ashcroft
Bionic was a great company to work with when we had some water damage to deal with from a leaking water heater in our attic. The leak went through our ceiling and there was water that soaked through the insulation and drywall. Tony was an absolute pleasure to work with. He was quick and attentive to remove the conpromised areas and also kept us up to date on everything that was being done with the remediation process. He also let us know what our options were to get everything fixed and made sure he was available for any and all questions we had. I would gladly use their services again if I ever run across another unfortunate situation. - 3/14/2024
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Matthew A. Frank Avatar
Matthew A. Frank
When a storm hit our area, it caused massive flooding in our neighborhood. Unfortunately, my house was one of the worst affected. I was overwhelmed by the amount of water that had entered my home, but Tristan and his crew from Bionic arrived promptly and went above and beyond to help me. They pumped out the water, disinfected the areas, and even helped me salvage some of my belongings. Throughout the whole process, they kept me updated and made sure I understood everything that was happening. I'm so grateful for their hard work and dedication!!! - 3/08/2024
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Jesus Duran Avatar
Jesus Duran
Thank you for your help Tony Saiz, I’m 100% satisfied with your customer service and I will hired again and recommend Bionic Emergency Service to anyone. - 2/23/2024
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Lacey Sanders Avatar
Lacey Sanders
We had a hot water heater leak that caused water damage in several rooms. Tony came and thoroughly documented the affected areas for the insurance claim. He explained every step of the restoration process and worked diligently to restore our home quickly and completely. His expertise was invaluable. - 2/16/2024
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Alan Quach Avatar
Alan Quach
Andre was great to work with and helped us through this stressful time as it was our first time experiencing a water leak in our house. He answered questions and was responsive when we called him. Would definitely recommend Bionic and Andre as someone to work with. - 1/19/2024
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Faustino Rodriguez Avatar
Faustino Rodriguez
Tristan, handle the job professionally, he also explained what was going on. We thank him for his work. Thanks Tristan. - 12/16/2023
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Sarah Guo Avatar
Sarah Guo
We had a bad year with pipes in our house, 2 overflows in three months. Fortunately Bionics was able to quickly remediate the water damage. Both Andre and Jerry did a great job identifying damaged areas and doing mold treatment. The second overflow leaked from the attic to bathroom on the second floor, and all the way to the pantry closet on the first floor. Jerry made sure to preserve the house fixtures as much as possible, which is much appreciated. Andre discovered a spot that wasn’t drying up as fast, immediately figured out what the issue was and fixed it right away. He also left the equipment running for a few extra days to make sure affected areas are completely dry. We really appreciate the professional service. Highly recommend. - 11/16/2023
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James Hintz Avatar
James Hintz
Tristan was outstanding from the moment we contacted the company during a catastrophic event. He was prompt, professional, detailed, and communicated the entire process with us. - 10/16/2023
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Angela Keleman Avatar
Angela Keleman
If you are looking for a great remediation company you can stop right here as this company is the BEST! They are honest, caring, knowledgeable and their customer service is wonderful. They had me taken care of with in hours of the call. I highly recommend Bionic. - 9/16/2023
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