Emergency Response Water Damage Drying Services

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Quickly removing standing water prevents excessive damage.

Water Damage services provided by professionals like BIONIC Emergency Services, assist in keeping your insurance company informed and fully engaged in your claim, streamlining the process, and ensuring you have adequate representation when handling the Adjuster and claims process.

Devastating situations caused by water damage, flooding, or sewer backup damage, is something we see every day, and your family and home is important to us. We rapidly work to dry your home or business, get your life back to normal, and your property quickly restored, as soon as possible.

  • Emergency Floor Drying
  • Emergency Ceiling Drying
  • Emergency Structural Drying
  • Emergency Roof Leak Drying
  • Emergency Plumbing Leak Drying
  • Emergency Storm Damage Drying

Using a combination of portable, truck mounted, and hand operated vacuum machines, BIONIC Emergency Services will rapidly remove and extract water from the affected areas. Standing water is immediately removed, quickly and efficiently.

After fully evaluating the loss, removal of standing water, is the initial step in the water damage restoration and drying process. Once standing water is removed, we use state of the art, high grade, dehumidification equipment units, along with air movers, to achieve the movement of super dry air, throughout the structure and property. All is additional moisture in the air, and within structural materials such as carpets, wood framing, sheetrock, etc., is dried quickly and thoroughly.

Using a combination of professional grade water damage restoration moisture detection devices and instruments, including thermal imaging devices, we can constantly monitor the moisture levels throughout the drying process, within the home, business and structural materials.

Damaging moisture levels remaining present, are not always easily detected. If a structure or property is not thoroughly and completely dry, and the drying process stopped, the water damage and moisture left behind can cause further damage, and mold and bacterial growth may possibly occur. The signs and evidence from this type of costly water damage may not show up for some time. Sometimes months, and even years later.

It is extremely important that a professional water damage restoration company like BIONIC Emergency Services in Houston, Texas, dry your home and ensure that all moisture is completely removed and eliminated.

Undetected moisture could go undetected. Using both evasive and non-evasive cameras, probes and devices, we have the ability to detect, monitor, record, and document all moisture levels. A water damage expert can inspect inside walls, underneath floors, and in ceilings, to make sure the structures are dry, and that your family and the environment are safe and clean.

Proper treatment of the structures, surfaces and property, using EPA registered antimicrobial treatments, to inhibit and eliminate the chance of the proliferation of mold, bacteria, mildew and other toxins, is part of the professional water damage restoration process that is delivered to you when BIONIC Emergency Services is on the job.