Incredible Astronomical Adventures Await at Space Center Houston, TX

Space exploration is a fascinating and captivating topic of conversation and has been since the dawn of time. Each discovery provides inspiration and rapid technological advancement that continuously improves society. For those seeking a journey into space that is more interactive, Space Center Houston, TX, is a one-stop destination to embark on some awesome astronomical adventures. Home of NASA’s Johnson Space Center and home to their historic Apollo Mission Control Center, Space Center Houston, TX, is the only place one can go to experience the allure of space exploration. Whether a ride on a shuttle simulator or observing a lunar roving vehicle, Space Center Houston, TX, offers an array of astronomical experiences. Learn more here.

What Kind of Astronomical Adventures Await at Space Center Houston, TX?

Space Center Houston, TX, may seem like an odd place for a vacation spot, but it provides a unique experience that no other applies. The exploration and learning opportunities here, available for all ages, promise to be an educational and memorable experience. The Living in Space exhibit features interactive displays on day-to-day life in space and is especially fun for the kids. One of the first attractions at the Space Center Houston is the Rocket Park, the perfect starting point for a tour. This is an excellent opportunity to marvel at the immense size and complexity of NASA-developed rockets and even launch an authentic replica of a Saturn V rocket. Visitors of all ages can also test their skills at the Space Base Training Center, a high-energy game room filled with adventure simulations and interactive video games. Learn more about Strolling Through the Lively Streets of Hermann Square Houston, TX.


Launch Into Space On A Shuttle Simulator Ride

The main focus of Space Center Houston is the historic Apollo Mission Control Center. But to experience the sights and sounds of outer space, visit the Space Center Houston to share a shuttle simulator ride. This interactive ride puts the riders in the cockpit of a shuttle simulator as they experience a space shuttle’s simulated launch, mission, and landing. After the task, the shuttle simulator riders can go inside the shuttle simulator for in-depth exploration. The inside of the shuttle also offers a unique, one-of-a-kind look at the cockpit, equipment, and even astronauts’ living quarters. For those not brave enough to experience the shuttle simulator, there is also a 3D movie theater at the Space Center Houston, TX, with a collection of short films about past and current space missions, which adds an informative and fun element to one’s astronomical travel experience.

Exploration Of Apollo Mission Control Center

The pinnacle of any tour of Space Center Houston, TX, is the Apollo Mission Control Center. This is where the historic Apollo 11 mission control was conducted and is now fully open to the public. Hand-on access to such a landmark site allows visitors to learn more about the iconic mission undertaken by the first men to walk on the moon. Visitors can even sit in the original mission chairs and get a chance to press the buttons used to communicate with the astronauts on the moon. For added insight and a more hands-on experience, there is also a guided tour where visitors can listen to a tour guide as they relive this historic event.

Lunar Roving Vehicles

The Apollo spacecraft also included a Lunar Roving Vehicle (LVR). LVRs are small, lightweight lunar rovers astronauts use to explore the moon’s surface during their Apollo missions. These aren’t just ordinary vehicles, as they can withstand the rough terrain of the moon. At Space Center Houston, visitors can observe original LVRs up close and even sit in one. This experience is unlike any other, as people can compare their findings to the imagery captured by astronauts and get an idea of what it looks like on the moon. Views of distant galaxies and planets through a powerful telescope are also available.


Space Center Houston, TX, is the ideal destination for aspiring astronauts to explore the marvels of space exploration. Whether it’s a ride on a shuttle simulator, a guided tour of the Apollo Mission Control Center, or observing a lunar roving vehicle, Space Center Houston offers an array of astronomical experiences that can’t be found anywhere else. Astounding, educational, and inspiring, this is one journey that any space adventurer must take.

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