Leak Damage Detection Houston TX


Leak Damage Detection

A suspected leak is perhaps the most frustrating form of unwanted water on any residential or commercial property, as one often discovers it through unexplained, sky-rocketing water bills. Perhaps you hear the sound of water when no taps are open. Regardless of how you have discovered a leak, the team from BIONIC Emergency Services is here for you as the lead water damage detection specialist in Houston, TX.

The Houston area is situated on very unstable soil with high content of clay that is sensitive to moisture. Not only that, but the area has a high water table that may cause a shifting of the soil, thereby increasing the risk of flooding. Although the majority of local homes and businesses are built on concrete slab as a precautionary measure, the slabs cannot prevent all plumbing problems and leaks that may occur at any given time.

A leak in itself is a serious problem that can cause substantial damage to your property and belongings. However, not mitigating the problem at the outset can become a major headache and lead to thousands of dollars in repairs.

Common signs of leak damage include:

• Buckling or unsteady floors
Mold and mildew stains on walls and cabinets
• Discolored hardwood and tile
• Visible soil shift around the property
• Cracked sewer lines
• Cracked foundation
• And more.

Leak Damage Houston TXOur dedicated team is fully equipped with moisture and infrared equipment to perform meticulous tests of walls, flooring, and plumbing systems to determine the source of the leak. With our immediate response and proven solutions, you are guaranteed to avoid leak damage in the long term. Moreover, our leak detection fees pale in comparison to the costs of the damage that could result from a leak that remains untreated, and hence our professional services are well worth the investment.

The extent of leak damage is directly proportional to the speed of your leak detection: Waste no more time and rely on the trusted experts from BIONIC Emergency Services for an effective plan of action!

When you seek professional leak damage detection at your Houston-area home or business, we welcome you to contact us today. Simply call 713-338-2424 or send us an email, and we will be happy to provide you with a detailed on-site evaluation and/or emergency mitigation.

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