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About Bionic Emergency Services

When your home or commercial space falls victim to damage from floods, fire, water leaks, sewage backups, busted pipes, bathtub, toilet, and washing machine overflows, or even crime trauma, you need access to a repair company who can serve your needs quickly and efficiently. Unfortunately, these inconveniences can lead to additional, and more serious problems, such as mold… Read More

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It may be the most important decision you ever make for your Home, Business and Family!


1. To Prevent Mold Problems

If you have a large mold problem, calling a specialist is in your best interest. Leaving a mold problem untreated can result in structural damage to your home and possible thousands in repairs. Mold remediation, caused by water damage, or neglected plumbing leak issues, can be one of the costliest conditions you can ever experience in your residence. Call BIONIC Emergency Services today, if you feel you have water damage in your Houston, Texas area Home of Business.

2. Mold Detection – Catch It EARLY!

If you’re not sure if you have a mold problem or not, a water damage specialist can assess the situation for you. After a very rainy season, it’s smart to get your house checked for leaks, water damage, and mold regardless of suspicion. Catching microbial growth, and eliminating the threat of potential extensive growth in your Home or Business is crucial. At the first signs of growth, a company like BIONIC Emergency Services, the water damage experts in Houston, Texas, can greatly reduce the damage, and cost to mitigate and repair the damage. FREE Evaluations are always offered by BIONIC Emergency Services for water damage issues needing water damage restoration services.

3. Water Removal & Water Extraction

If you’ve encountered a plumbing leak, rook leak, or a flood, or any water damage issue, a with BIONIC Emergency Services, Houston Texas leading water damage restoration company, will come with all the equipment needed to take care of the situation quickly and simply. If there is a lot of water but you think you can take care of it yourself, assess whether you think structural damage can occur within the extra time it may take you as opposed to a specialist. Evaluations are always FREE. Give yourself peace of mind, no matter how little, or how much water damage you feel you may have. Trust the experts in water damage restoration in Houston, Texas.

4. Drying and Water Damage Restoration

After a leak or flood, it’s important to dry out the affected area. If you do not have the enmities to do this, most water damage teams own several large, high power drying fans to prevent further damage. The water damage experts at BIONIC Emergency Services use only the highest grade professional water damage restoration extraction, removal and drying restoration equipment. A combination of extraction, dehumidification, air movement, and our expert knowledge of the “science of drying” will allow us to restore your home fast, and get you back to a normal living environment.

5. Deodorizing & Treatment

If a strange smell in your home just won’t go away in your home, consider calling a water damage specialist, like BIONIC Emergency Services for this as well. Most people don’t know they handle strange odors, but they do have anything you’re going to need to dispel most bad smells.

6. Water Damage Restoration

If your home was hit by flood, mildew, mold, or leaks, structural or other damage may have occurred. To guarantee your home looks the same way it used to, the experts at BIONIC Emergency Services as they specialize in restoring homes after this particular kind of damage. FREE Evaluations 24/7/365.

7. Sanitation & Sewage Damage Repair

Water damage specialists can also handle septic systems, sewage backups, sewage damage, broken dishwashers, or other plumbing or water utility devices. In most cases, once we identify the issue, and the source, we can refer you to the best appliance repair or professional plumbing company that can make the exact repair needed, to limit the chance this type of damage occurs again.

8. Assessing Damage – Free Evaluations for Water Damage 24/7/365

Whatever your water damage woes, a water damage restoration expert is the right person to tell you exactly how bad they are. You need to know exactly what is wet, what is damage, and what additional damage could possibly occur if not properly treated and dried. You need the experts at BIONIC Emergency Services in Houston, Texas, the water damage restoration experts, to complete a thorough moisture evaluation using our professional grade moisture detection devices, thermal imaging cameras, and expert knowledge. Call us today for your FREE Evaluation.