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Step 2: Our Water Drying Process

Drying is a highly valuable second step in the overall restoration process, as moisture and humidity remain in hidden crevices throughout your property even once the standing water has been removed. Failing to fully dry your space allows mold and mildew to develop, creating numerous hazards for the property and its occupants.
When seek a professional to perform a thorough drying of your Houston-area home or business, the team of experts from BIONIC Emergency Services is only one call away. We utilize a powerful system of dehumidifiers to encourage the circulation of air, effectively drying the space and the affected items that can yet be salvaged. The concept behind this system is that a desert environment is substantially more dry than a subtropical environment, and hence creating the right conditions is the secret behind successful drying.

Why use Dehumidifiers?

Our dehumidifiers operate on the basis of a dry climate in which your drywall, flooring, furnishings and belongings will inevitably dry more quickly. However, we understand that as the water begins to evaporate, it returns into the air and moisture resettles on newly dried surfaces. That is why a dehumidifier is also equipped to maintain a low humidity in the affected space, preventing the growth of mold as well as secondary water damage caused by condensation.
Our ultimate goal during the drying stage is to prepare your residential or commercial space for the next phase: Repair.
To find out more about our comprehensive drying in Houston and surrounding areas, please do not hesitate to call BIONIC Emergency Services today at 713-338-2424. When there is water to be removed, you can count on our skill with the dehumidifier to remove any excess moisture and bring you one step closer to a dry living or working space.

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