Water Extraction Houston TX


Step 1: Our Water Extraction Process

Water extraction is an essential first step in the overall restoration process, as standing water is not only an inconvenience in and of itself but it is also a danger to both your family or coworkers and your belongings. Furthermore, water can penetrate any porous surface in your living or working space, and hence a prompt response is critical to minimize permanent damage.
When you seek expert assistance with water removal in Houston or nearby areas, the team from BIONIC Emergency Services is here for you. Through the use of our sophisticated vacuums and submersible equipment, our team is able to remove the bulk of the water from your residential or commercial space. As an additional precaution, we remove fixed carpeting, insulation and other items that are deemed beyond repair.

Our Water Extraction Team

Our team is fully equipped with the advanced training and superior skill to remove the standing water and water-retaining materials in a quick and efficient manner. Once we have assessed the extent of the damage, we will implement a custom approach based on the individual situation on your residential or commercial property.
Our primary goal during the extraction stage is to prepare your home or business for the next phase in the restoration process: Drying.
Whether your flood is the size of a small lake or the Pacific Ocean, you can count on us to leave no trace of it whatsoever!
To learn more about our professional water extraction in Houston, TX, we welcome you to contact us at BIONIC Emergency Services today. Simply call 713-338-2424, and our dedicated extraction specialists will be happy to place you on the path towards ridding your home or business of unwanted water.

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