Bionic Emergency Services
Services We Offer


Water Damage Restoration

Mold Remediation

If your home has been exposed to water damage fast action is important!  Removing mold growth before it becomes unmanageable. Therefore, at Bionic Emergency Services we offer professional mold removal services near your area.


Fire Damage Restoration

When a major fire occurs, there is always some amount of damage to building structure and indoor air quality. Therefore, a professional fire damage restoration service like Bionic Emergency Services reduces the risk of future structural issues.  In addition, smoke inhalation health problems.

COVID-19 Cleaning

We evaluate your business’s high touch areas and surfaces for any biohazards. Our high tech equipment will thoroughly test these areas. Using our EPA registered products, we use our two step process to clean and disinfect the area. In addition, fogging and wiping ensures total sanitization.


Leak Detection

A leak test, or pipe leak detection, requires a level of technical expertise usually not available to the average homeowner. Therefore, using the right equipment that is minimally invasive, accurate, and speedy. Our professional leak detection technicians have experience with every kind of leak. 

Storm Damage

Bionic Emergency Services serves as a storm damage restoration contractor for Houston and the surrounding area. We know Houston offers a unique risk of storm damage due to frequent tropical storms. Therefore, we offer professional help that emphasizes the need to restore the damage to your home in a timely manner.


Sewage Cleanup

We offer a variety of services through our sewage cleanup such as:

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