Water Damage Repair HoustonRepair is an important third step in the property restoration process, as there are numerous items that do not sustain permanent damage in a flood. Despite the fact that all may seem lost, a qualified repair specialist with the right knowledge and skillset can inspect the space to determine what can yet be repaired. This is where BIONIC Emergency Services comes in.

Water Damage Treatment

As the leading expert in water damage repair across the Houston area, our team is committed to performing a thorough inspection in order to instigate the cleanup and repair process with maximum efficiency. Once we have determined that your property is entirely dry, we provide professional cleaning treatments to the structural elements as well as your upholstery, clothing, and other salvageable items.
We understand that items damaged in a flood will not only lose their aesthetic appeal but also retain an unpleasant odor and potential bacterial growth. That is why we complete the repair process with a meticulous deodorization and antimicrobial treatment. Our team is fully equipped with the latest tools and materials to eliminate all signs of the damage, ensuring that your property regains its complete “curb appeal” regardless of the extent of the former damage.

Eliminate Water Damage From Your Property

As we complete the repair stage of eliminating water damage from your property, our ultimate goal is to prepare your home or business for the final phase: Restoration.
To learn more about our superior water damage repair in Houston, TX, we invite you to call us today at 713-338-2424. The repair specialists at BIONIC Emergency Services look forward to salvaging any damaged items and ensuring that they are as good as new – with no hint of moisture remaining!

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