About Bionic Emergency Services

A Full Service Contractor Providing Complete Reconstruction Services
After Water Damage, Mold Removal, Or Fire Damage.

Committed To One Hour Response Emergency Restoration Services!

Houston Restoration Company

Bionic Emergency Services is one of the most reliable restoration companies in Houston for over 10 years. Our company serves both residential and commercial properties in Houston and the surrounding areas. 

We pride ourselves on providing professional services fit for just about any task. In addition, we will deal directly with your insurance companies. For instance, direct billing which means you don’t have to worry about payments. This helps reduce the stress that accompanies any property cleanup and remediation project.
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Restoration Services For Every Emergency

Our professional team is equipped to deal with a variety of restoration jobs from:

As a licensed general contractor in Houston, we provide full-service solutions for any kind of damage or restoration project. We are well-versed in Houston and are especially susceptible to storm and flood damage. Our expertise will help when you’re dealing with a hard situation. In addition, we’re proud to support the community with our services.

"In less than an hour someone was at my flooded house evaluating what needed to be done. The following day they spoke with my insurance company to coordinate. I would recommend them in a heartbeat."
– Grace Holland

We Work With Your Insurance Company

There are many restoration companies in Houston, all claiming to do quality work. This can make your selection a difficult task. One of the simplest ways to shortlist your choices is to determine if they can deal directly with your insurance company. This not only saves time and effort of navigating complex procedures.  However, it also acts as a way to determine their work quality and reliability. Typically the restoration service would have to maintain certain standards in order to be approved by insurance companies. Dealing with them enables us to process your claims sooner rather than later. We will ensure that this part of the process is as smooth.  Therefore, you’ll have peace of mind to focus on what really matters.

A Restoration Company Serving Houston

Few restoration companies in Houston can match the work and service quality that Bionic Emergency Services provides. Treat your property to the best service.

Call Bionic Emergency Services at (713) 338-2424 today for 24-hour water damage restoration, fire damage restoration, mold remediation, and more.  In addition, get an instant quote from our website.

Our restoration company will get to your Houston home or business in about 30 to 60 minutes. You'll have relief and peace of mind before you know it.

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24 Hour Damage Restoration Services

Sometimes, a disaster can strike when you least expect it. When your home, office or factory suffers water or fire damage, you need immediate help. Bionic Emergency Services has a team on standby 24/7 to attend to your requests. We can reach your premises within the hour to begin the cleanup and remediation process. The quick turnaround reduces the chances of spreading the damage and adding more to your repair expenses.

The advantages of working with Houston restoration companies like us:

  • An experienced and efficient team helps to quickly restore your property to pre-loss condition.
  • Our trained team of professionals uses the latest equipment to deliver quality results.
  • Well-equipped and can help you with every aspect of your cleanup and repair work.
  • We deal directly with insurance companies keeping you informed throughout the entire remediation process.
  • Personalized service and treat your property with respect.

Need Help With Disaster Restoration in Houston, Texas or the Greater Houston Area? Give us a call today! 713-338-2424

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